Accept and appreciate that you’re the one most responsible for making your dreams come true. Be your own best friend. Cheer yourself on.

Choose your thoughts, because if you don’t, you’re still making a choice and you’ll have to take what you get. In your mind’s eye, create a positive picture that will draw what you want to you. Your intuition is powerful; use it. Keep your desires burning. Don’t be afraid to take careful chances. Inform yourself. Make the connection between your thoughts, your actions, and the results you’re getting. The cumulative quality of your actions will weave the tapestry of your destiny. Live your life consciously; don’t just let your life live you.

Look at your circumstances as life lessons rather than adversities. Keep a careful watch over your joy. Cherish it. Acknowledge your blessings, no matter how small they may seem. You are a student in the school of life and in many ways your own teacher. Appreciate the lessons you’ve learned, and enjoy life, others, and yourself.

-Donna Fargo

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