Problems Give Meaning To Life

A wise philosopher once commented that an eagle’s only obstacle to overcome for flying with greater speed and ease is the air. Yet, if the air were withdrawn and the proud bird were to fly in a vacuum, it would fall instantly to the ground, unable to fly at all. The very element that offers resistance to flying is at the same time the condition for flight.

The main obstacle that a powerboat has to overcome is the water against the propeller, yet, if it were not for this same resistance, the boat would not move at all.

The same law, that obstacles are conditions of success, holds true in human life. A life free of all obstacles and difficulties would reduce all possibilities and powers to zero. Eliminate problems, and life loses its creative tension. The problem of mass ignorance gives meaning to education. The problem of ill health gives meaning to medicine. The problem of social disorder gives meaning to government. We all have a tendency all of our lives to want to get rid of problems and responsibilities. When that temptation arises, remember the youth who was questioning a lonely old man. “What is life’s heaviest burden?” he asked. The old fellow answered sadly, “Having nothing to carry.”


-John C. Maxwell

3 thoughts on “Problems Give Meaning To Life

  1. I agree with Mr. Maxwell about obstacles being the necessary vehicles to achievement and success but being a believer that we have the ability to heal ourselves with our thoughts, I would say ill health is a mirror into our Divine power! 🙂


      1. LOL! Yup. I’ve pretty much read everything there is! Not “tooting” my horn, but every since I discovered the LOA a few years ago, I’ve been reading everything I could get my hands on, and I typically have 3 – 4 books going at any given moment – I have 800+ books in my iBooks collection now, and a large majority are LOA-related. You can heal your life was one of my favorites. And since we’re on the topic, you might like Neville Goddard if you haven’t read his stuff. He was actually the one that made the difference for me, after reading the Neville Reader, it clicked for me – I had read/ watched The Secret years before I came across Neville, but it was his writing that lead to what I’m doing now.


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