The Symbolic Language Of Dreams

In “The Symbolic Language of Dreams,” author Stephen King says:

I think that dreams are a way people’s minds illustrate the nature of their problems. Or maybe even illustrate the answers to their problems in symbolic language.

A dream is a combination of sensation, emotions, ideas, and moments that occur involuntarily while we sleep. Since they occur involuntarily, dreams are the language of our subconscious, and our soul. They harbor our darkest, most well guarded secrets, sins, anxieties and thoughts that cannot or choose not to be expressed by spoken language or conscious thought.

Dreams are such a mesmerizing subject, there are books on interpreting your dreams from what it means to find yourself drowning, flying or running. Dreaming is a symbolic language that reveals the true self. It reveals the animal and instinctual being within us all (or as Freud would call it, our Id). It reveals our true desires, fears, hopes and dreams. Dreams express deep seated emotions that perhaps we are not in touch with. If we choose to decode the dream and the message it provides we can perhaps become better intertwined with our emotions and gain more insight into understanding ourselves.


The beauty of dreams is that they resemble art in the sense that they are perceived differently by everyone. Every viewer gives dreams a different meaning, vision and interpretation. Dreams are not tangible. They are not things we can hold onto, instead they are fleeting stories playing in our minds as our bodies work to recover from a day hard at work. Dreams are expression. They are a language of the soul.

There are many different types of dreams including: lucid dreaming, day dreaming, prophetic dreams, nightmares, reoccurring dreams, mutual dreams and more.

A dream about death could be interpreted as metaphorical, the end of a part of your life, the yearning for a new life or a new beginning. It could also be interpreted as the fear of dying or the longing for someone who has passed on. Depending on what is happening in a persons life at the time of a dream could help the person decode and decipher the language of dreams. The beauty of interpreting a dream is that there is no right or wrong answer. Analyzing a dream can help you realize new things about yourself, just like therapy or experiences can. It can also help you relive the past or reshape your future. It can also help lead you to find answers on how to handle certain things in your life. Dreams are the imagination of facts that stem and are rooted in ones emotions.

Dreams are a pathway into your soul so be careful who you share them with for you may be sharing more than you bargained for.

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