Wisely Use Vigor – Poetry

Vigor – Penetrate My Being
Diving deep into existence
Exploring the depths of my reality
To find the answers
Of questions I do not yet know
My essence running with great vigor
Does so towards life
Determined to grow
With a balanced forcefulness
And an enthused intensity
To resist the strain
Of falling back into the well of darkness
From which it has taken years for my spirit to climb out of
Saving my energy
To win the battle within my psyche
That rises with the sun
Every day
So that my soul can contiue to bloom with passion
And my mind can fill to the brim with radiance
Vigor – penetrate my being
And give me the strength to fight
So that I may live
One hath wasted much energy
On a trite thing for too long
From this day forward one shall
Wisely use vigor
-Elizabeth Squires
Young Heart Beating With Vigor
My old self keep dying everyday
To keep tryst with new beginning
Young heart beating with vigor
Every vein filled with brimming hope
Charting new territories 
Being better than my old persona
Inception of fresh perspective
Every cosmic particle in me enthused
After fresh lease of life

via Daily Prompt: Vigor



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