When Cultures Collide-Two Narratives

When Cultures Collide, The Lighthouse


Two souls meet and

Cultures collide

The culture of self


Crashing like waves to the shore


With an unknown;

A stranger

And a culture equally so


Their worlds intertwine.


Gestures, and speech

Are unique to each.


Each separate entity with its own history





And currency


Every being has its own price

Which it demands from anything it encounters


The price:

The lighthouse keeper who stays isolated

With his only companion being the light

Suffering the price of loneliness

And weariness

Of a storm, strong enough to place fear in his eyes


Some are more well exposed

And have entered the countries of countless others souls


Like the sailors who explore the vastness of the ocean

Searching for new land and treasures to conquer and call their own

Mapping every square inch to memory

Falling in love with the excitement of discovery


While others passports are left bare

Or unclaimed

Some traveling through life

Thinking that nothing beyond what they can see exists



Like the keeper who is enclosed by the ocean

Staring into the vast abyss of an untamable power that lies before him


Living confined by the boundaries

In which they have grown accustomed to

Some have boarders

Heavily guarded

Weary of outsiders

Because fear of different



And no two grains of sand could be the same

But each grain sharing a similar hue makes one believe

That he is not a single grain but a force to be reckoned with

Mistakenly convinced that shade of color unifies him beyond appearance


However, unity lives deeper within


For sands of all colors, taken from beaches all over the world

Are still sand


Humans of all colors, taken from places all over the world

Are still human


While others see no threat

Have no walls

And let others come and go as they please


No nets or traps        

Watching as the lighthouse keeper does

While guarding nothing but the freedom of the ocean

And the safety of those passing by


Recognizing a beating heart within each as equal

Choosing to be exposed

And trusting


Through lack of separation


Some view separation everywhere

This separation

Flows through the veins

To the hearts of those

That beat cold with fear


Their arteries pumping fear

Away from their heart

Settling in their mind as xenophobia


The culture of every individual is vastly different

Even if they share the same blood



Or name


Just as every lighthouse stands ashore

Radiating light

No two stand at the same point

Or burn their light with the same intensity

But nonetheless each is a lighthouse

A beacon of hope within the darkness


No matter how great the differences appear to be

Between me and you

All cultures are rooted in the same earth

Intertwined across time and destiny

Forever united by a oneness

A culture called humanity



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