Faded – A Poem


Fading away from my memory
Slipping into the abyss
A deep bottomless chasm
Gradually growing faint
Swimming into the void

Memories melt away
Filling to the brim
Into yesterday
Every day another part of you disappears
From my thoughts

First, your voice dims from my memory
Your touch dulls as I long to remember
Dissolving into the past
Passing out of sight
Out of memory
Out of existence

The one I knew
Dissipates like vapor
Into the world
And leaves me as embers from a fire
That burned me to the core
You float away
On to grace another
For them to inhale your essence

It’s unstoppable
The mist of you faded from my life
Long ago
But every once in a while
A flicker of a memory
For a moment
No longer flooding every pore
But still, present
Pale and blurring

Swallowed up by new moments
That saturate my mind
Causing me to be absorbed in the now
And leaving the only thoughts left
Sailing into the future
With old wounds
And new memories
Since you’ve faded



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