Feed The Right Emotion


It is not about what emotions you have in you, or even your thoughts. It all depends on what choices you make and whether or not you choose to act on those emotions, feed them and let your thoughts turn into action or reaction. We all have “good” and “bad” within us, “light” and “darkness”. What makes someone good are their choices day in and day out. Choose your destiny and be the architect of your own life by feeding the wolf within you that has the characters you want to emulate and bring into the world.


In life, both faith and fear will arise within you, and you choose which one will prevail. Someone once wrote,

“Two nature beat within my breast, The one is foul, the other is blessed. The one I love, the other I hate; The one I feed will dominate.”

The thing is, both of those emotions will always be present in you. The emotion you continually feed is the one that will dominate your life. You can’t expect fear simply to disappear. If you continually focus on your fears, entertain them, and give in to them, they will increase. The way to ultimately overcome them is to starve them. Don’t give your fears any of your time or energy. Don’t feed them with gossip or negative news shows or frightening movies. Focus on your faith and feed it. And anytime you feel afraid of doing something but go ahead and do it anyway, you will be reprogramming your attitude. When you feel fear, it will mean “go” instead of “stop,” and “fight harder” instead of “give up.”

What emotion are you feeding?

Choose to feed your faith and courage.

-John C. Maxwell

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