[Part Two] Anger & Love

Love and Hate are two parts to one whole. They are on opposite sides of the same spectrum and to hate, there has to be love because part of love is caring. Anger is a subset of Hate. Patience is a subset of Love. Choose love. Work daily on resisting impulses and practice patience. Don’t be discouraged if you fail, developing any new habit takes time, just keep trying. The more you try the easier it will get and the more natural it will become. Patience will help you remain at a state of inner peace and well being. You will be able to see the beauty all around you in the world, see the good in everything and open your heart to yourself and others. Be kind to yourself. Like anything in life, growth takes hard work and time. It’s okay to experience any and every emotion, including anger – just don’t let it overtake you, don’t let your emotions rule you. Instead, recognize what you are feeling and make the choice whether or not you want to hold onto or even develop that emotion. You have the reigns, choose what emotions you allow to manifest within yourself and be in control of your emotions, don’t be ruled by them!

Respond as opposed to reacting. Anger is an intense, fiery, alienating emotion which leaves one feeling misunderstood. Bitterness seems to overtake and overflow your body and mind and all one wants to do in that state is to be heard but ironically, in anger, shouting achieves the exact opposite. The tone of ones voice floods over ones words and no matter how loud it seems as though you aren’t heard and are trapped alone in a prison of burning wrath, poisoning and you from the inside.

It’s a shame as we might be communicating a valid point but because we spit fire, our words close, instead of open, the situation to a solution. It’s also quite evident that by shouting the person we hurt the most is us. It all boomerangs  back in the form of elevated cortisol levels, increased heart rate, and planting of ugly seeds in our minds to ripen in the future. A moment of patience is worth more than gold.

-Am Tadas, AngerMentor.com

Take your time when angry to come to a state where you can respond instead of react to what lay before you. Breathe, retreat for a while if necessary, and let the heat and fire that has built up the rage inside of you diminish within your soul until your mind is steady and you harbor a cool breeze of tranquility running through your mind, body and words.


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