[Part One] Love Is War, Or So I Thought…

War is everlasting. War is cruel. War chains the civilians soul. A soldier is born. The war won’t die, but he might. He might never see his family again, may never be able to tell his wife he loves her one last time. War is pathetic. War is dangerous. War takes courage. War takes belief. War takes lives. War doesn’t hide or shelter the truth. War is pride. War is hurtful. War is complex. War is torture. War is not always a choice. War can seem necessary. War will never die. Peace will never drown or overshadow it to those who do not believe. It is not in human nature to be peaceful. It is in our nature to fight, debate and argue. To disagree and lie and hurt one another for our own selfish needs; it is what seems to be what a lot of the world thrives on and it’s contagious for those who believe that to be a reality, the only reality. The only thing that war loves is death. It corrupts the minds of souls and disfigures the appearance of bodies of millions of both soldiers, loved ones, and people associated.

Never introduce yourself to war because it will haunt you forever and never leave your side. It will shadow your life, your thoughts, plague your mind and alter your actions. War can be summed up with one possessing quality – loyalty. Is it loyalty though, or brainwashing? Breaking down the self to surrender ones individuality so that one may learn to obey without thought, without hesitation. Learning to overpower empathy and kindness with an animalistic thrill of the hunt, the kill. To pounce without second guessing ones actions. In that case, that’s not love. Not real love. It’s an idea, it’s an unhealthy relationship – possibly abusive. War is the only eternal faith and idea of what they consider love that some of mankind may ever come to know or meet. However, if one loves themselves, respects themselves and doesn’t allow war within their relationships, or themselves, one can find a love that is not war. “Love” that mimics war is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing appearing as love at first but at the core having nothing of the sort. Free yourself of the chains of love that bind you to battle.  Love is not war, love is freedom.

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