Rain Falling

Rain falls. It starts slowly drop by drop nourishing the earth. The pace, momentum, picks up and a rhythm begins until it floods the earth, the way love has flooded my heart. The music of every drop that breaks at the earth and the leaves up above echoes and spreads traveling into my heart as it sings a song for you. Like a siren, I call to you with the music of my love, willing you my way but with a difference. You love me too, and so you come of your own volition. Traveling into the storm of my heart and through the chaos of my mind the way sailors sail the oceans. Discovering and falling in love with the most malnourished and treasured parts of my being, you continue on traveling throughout my world. You brave the terse dark oceans of my being to reach new discoveries, to reach new heights in our love and to reach the serenity that I call us. And I love you for the courage and strength you have to stay standing by my side on the darkest of days.  Even at dry moments, rain will always fall to once again nourish this earth the way even if loves escapes us for a moment, it will find a way to once again nourish my soul.

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