The Transfer Of Light

Peel away my scars

What will you find?

An empty being



Lacking the wisdom brought on by the 




Uncertainties and

Chaos of the world

Courage enters from these wounds I have endured

A power I harness to allow hope

To envision a future of understanding, appreciation and love

My scars are the scars of someone who has lived

Some are seen by the people who pass me by in the street

Some are captured by the photographs taken

Some are felt by those within my circle who converse with me

Who look at me

Who judge me

Some are felt by a caress

A glance

Or the presence that radiates from close proximity

And some are hidden

Deep within my psyche

My shame

My fears

My hopes and dreams

My anger

My nightmares

And my soul

Some I see in the reflection of a mirror

And some are buried in the soil of my being

Within my beating heart

My pores

Some wear masks and are only uncovered by deep reflection 

And others seem forever lost

Entangled in the roots

That created me

That nourish me

That poison me

But through these scars

In the darkness – light can enter

As long as one flame remains, 

Others can be lit without wasting energy or resources

As long as one flame burns,

Somewhere deep within my soul

There is hope

For it can flood the darkness within me with light 

And It can be shared.


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