My Voice

I heard a voice softly calling my name. Its whisper penetrated my mind the way the brightest stars rays penetrate my flesh. The way that star has the ability to alter the pigmentation of my flesh, and therefore my outward appearance, this voice has the power to alter the world within my mind and, therefore, my soul. You may not be able to see, but I can feel. I can feel the colors of the voice tainting my purity, changing my inner palette until I forget, until I can no longer remember the mosaic of my soul.

The voice grew closer, following me deeper into the darkness. Tormenting me, invading my home, destroying my foundation until I forgot, until I could no longer remember how to balance, or what balance was. The voice became so loud, it surrounded me and tried to drain me with its words. I was not ready. I almost forgot until I heard something other than the voice. My footsteps. I heard my footsteps beneath me. Even though the world was dark and I could not see, it reminded me of my existence. I remembered. Even though I was blinded, I had my voice.

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