My Eyes Are My Enemy

My eyes are my enemy for they are the reason that when I close my eyes, my heart burns with an immortal passion and longing for you because I see you in the darkness of my mind. I remember and see into your soul. Love sustains me. Constantly and forever. Simultaneously giving life, inspiration and pain. Love makes me both live and die. You and I are intertwined like roots. Our souls are not two, yet one, and so therefore without you I live on yet am incomplete. Constantly longing to be whole again, I close my eyes so that I can see you again for it is the only way we can be together. In deep sorrow, I believe our love can endure anything, even death, and yet when I open my eyes – you are nowhere to be found and tears stream from the enemy as I realize I was mistaken. Overwhelmed by hopelessness, I close my eyes once more with the faintest spark of hope yearning to reignite with the possibility of being reunited with you in my dreams.

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