[Part Two] Love Is War, Or So I Thought…

Broken by battle, wounded by war, I support our troops forever. To them, this I swore. I will quiet your silent screams, help heal your shattered soul until once again, every soldier is whole.

Since war is inevitable, we must pick and choose our battles wisely. We must be able to recognize what is worth fighting for. What is worth the risk? What is worth dying for? What could possibly be worth one’s life? Love. My love for you. The battle I have chosen is you. I hope my love for you is everlasting because it feels that way. Love is cruel in that without you I fear defeat. Love has chained my soul. It has chained my soul to you. An invisible chain that instead of restricting me has led to an ultimate freedom. This invisible chain is infinite and yet it allows me to always be connected to you. It allows me to always find my way back to you. Or did it keep me imprisoned? An unhealthy attachment that exacerbated my fear of being alone and left me just the opposite of free. Could it be, that in all that time I never noticed? Was I blinded by the war of love?

Like two birds, chained to each other, we are free to explore the skies, the heavens, even the ocean. And should I travel somewhere and be overwhelmed by the environment, should the current of the ocean or of life begin to pull me to my death, I have no fear of drowning or I have faith that you will have the knowledge to recognize my need for help, the courage to act on it and the strength to succeed. I have faith that you are stronger than I and so I do not fear pulling you down with me should I ever crash. I have no fear you should be captured or threatened because I know you soar higher than the rest. You have made a soldier out of me just like the army makes a soldier out of a civilian, you have brought me to life through love. You have given me the same opportunities the army gives it’s soldiers. You have given me experience, travel, education and most importantly a family. You have also taken all of those things away the way war does, breaking me and not teaching me how to rejoin society the way you taught me to love. Stranded, I pick up the pieces to start over and I realize…love is not war. In love, there is no battle. There is no room for we are overwhelmed by love. Only love exists.


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