Attitude Toward Challenges

I once heard a lecturer say that no society has ever developed tough men during times of peace. The old adage is true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Think back to the times in your life when you have grown the most. I’m willing to bet that you grew as the result of overcoming difficulties. The better your attitude, the more likely you will be to overcome difficulties, grow and move forward. 

I’ve been told that in the Chinese language two words are often combined to create another word with a very different meaning. For example, when the symbol for the word meaning man is combined with the symbol for the word meaning woman, the resulting word means good.

Possessing a positive attitude can have a similar effect. When a problem comes into contact with someone who has a positive attitude, the result is often something wonderful. Out of the turmoil that problems cause can emerge great statesmen, scientists, authors, or business people. Every challenge has an opportunity. And every opportunity has a challenge. A person’s attitude determines how she handles those.


-John C. Maxwell

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