A mist devours her

As the moon fades from sight

The pulse of the Earth

Beats as it breathes

While she withers away,


A flicker of light

Enters her eyes

As she takes her last breath.

With her final breath,

And the last bit of air

Moving through her lungs

Hope dies with her,


Caught in her soul

Through her piercing blue eyes –

Those beautiful,

Now lifeless windows –

And the mist turns to rain

As the heavens cry

For the loss of man.

For without hope,

Everything will self destruct,

And wither away.

Darkness will flood the pores

Of all things that live

And invade the core

Poisoning them

From the inside out

Until they bleed darkness

And infect even those things

Which are not alive.

All will perish without hope.

Keep it safe,


Somewhere it can’t be stolen

Or lost.

It is the most valuable

Yet undervalued thing

That exists in this universe

And it must be




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