Refusing To Take A Risk

Life means risk. People who sabotage themselves shouldn’t worry about failure as much as they should be concerned about the chances they miss when they don’t even try. Speech writer Charles Parnall observed, “Too many people are having what might be called ‘near-life experiences.’ They go through liffe bunting, so afraid of failure that they never try to win the big prizes, never knowing the thrill of hitting a home run or even taking a swing at one.”


Come to the edge. No, we will fall. Come to the edge. No, we will fall. They came to the edge. He pushed them and they flew.

-Guillaume Apollinaire


Those who fly always first get out on the edge. If you want to seize an opportunity, you must take a risk. If you want to grow, you must make mistakes. If you want to reach your potential, you will have to take chances. If you don’t you will be resigned to a life of mediocrity. The people who don’t make mistakes end up working for those who do. And in the end, they often end up regretting the safe life they lived.

In some way, get out on the edge this week.

-John C. Maxwell

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