Welcome to The Garden

design.lifestyle.inspiration is a garden that I have created and am constantly designing and recreating. The purpose of this garden is not only beauty but to challenge and inspire your lifestyle so you can design the life you want. Each post is a seed I am planting in this garden and each post you read is a seed planted in your mind. What you allow to swim through your mind impacts your thoughts and your thoughts create your world.

Words & Wisdom From The Garden

This blog holds seeds of positivity, pieces of my soul, and thought provoking posts which if harnessed can help your mind grow into a beautiful flower. Everything you experience in life and every thought you think is a seed planted in your mind and some seeds if nurtured can grow to become weeds in your mind. Come here for some daily inspiration and positivity and choose to help the garden of you grow into a strong, flexible, blooming and beautiful flower that is healthy enough to give both to yourself and to others.


THE VOICE OF ALL category that you may see stands for The Voice of AmandaLeena Lalita, the author of the design.lifestyle.inspiration blog. This is a tag I use for anything that I have written. It can be poetry, short stories, my thoughts, prose, or anything else that I write that contains my voice, my words.

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