Where Darkness Lives

Black shadows Emerge from His soul Rising above Like smoke Into the Vast sky They seek Refuge in The clouds Of darkness Disguising themselves Hiding from The light So that Darkness may Live on Even without A host In the Seemingly endless Ubiquitous atmosphere

A Tempting Offer

Luscious and tempting Fruit from the poisonous tree Savor me blindly Devour me slowly Unleash your resistance Into the wild And kneel to the inner beast Let him overtake Break free From the chains of society And indulge  

Prisoner Of My Heart

Prisoner of my heart Caged Pounding through my ribs Burning through my flesh Locked away, yet he holds the key He pleads Screaming my name Lustful Sinful He keeps my heart beating Constantly He chooses to stay prisoner Because he loves me


A mist devours her As the moon fades from sight The pulse of the Earth Beats as it breathes While she withers away, Dying. A flicker of light Enters her eyes As she takes her last breath. With her final breath, And the last bit of air Moving through her lungs Hope dies with her, … More Hope

Dear Chains

Dear Chains,                          You have taken captive a beautiful dreamer. Imprisoned in my heart, pounding through my ribs, a magic moment I remember. Summer – kind of wonderful. Wrinkling hearts swallowed by fear, burning tides and the passion melts. The sun’s pulse dies while his heart beats like galloping thunder. Without you, an empty world … More Dear Chains

Wake Up

Let’s review – This harsh reality Is based on rules That require her to become An everlasting prisoner. She dreamed a life where demons Were abandoned And arch angels would Save those lost between Life and death. In such a night, There lays a boy and a girl Both sensual and passionate She screams Listen… … More Wake Up


Trauma Coded in you Like a new mutation Embedded into every cell Every thought And every breath. The air you breathe To give you life Is the same air that Trauma Live on. It lives within each beat of your heart And each firing neuron. I went outside today Just to remember What is was … More Trauma